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Hands-on, Cross Curricular STEM Workshops for All Key Stages & Abilities from Reception to Sixth Form, SEN to G+T Our work has been making learning fun for over 25 years We are Specialist in Transition STEM Workshop Activities Visual Aural Kinetic: Making The Complex Simple.
Hands-on, Cross Curricular STEM Workshops for All Key Stages & Abilitiesfrom Reception to Sixth Form, SEN to G+T Our work has been making learning fun for over 25 years  We are Specialist in Transition STEM Workshop Activities Visual Aural Kinetic: Making The Complex Simple.

"I am so glad I discovered you. The workshops are truly amazing!"                             Katrina Donaghy, Monkfirth Primary School, Barnet,  North London

Architecture Workshops Association, Cambridge

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Architecture Workshops are hands-on fun educational activities for all Key Stages and abilities. Designed to enhance the national curriculum and to communicate the art and experience of architecture, art, and design. The workshops help resource the school curriculum by providing pupils with insight into why and how things are the way they are.


In the workshop, the quest for understanding the world around us is a shared experience between workshop presenter 'animateur' and the pupils. Visualising, designing, creating, calculating and analysing are presented through practical activities. Pupils enjoy and learn about the real world through 'learning by doing', self teaching and communicating to others.

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"Better Than Brainiacs Live" said Thomas at The Butlins Science Weekend in Minehead September 2016

Architecture Workshops
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Origins Of The Giant Tetrahedron

The Architecture Workshops Association are the orginators of the Giant Tetrahedron.

Key Stage One; Small Tetrahedrons

Tetrahedrons are for us the starting point of most of our workshops and we haven't, as yet, licenced anyone else to deliver our workshops.


We like to start building them with Reception children, so when we work with them at Key Stage One and Two, they already have some experience of the construction techniques on which to build. 


This gives the children increased levels of self esteem and a can do attitude, from the earliest possible moment.

Key Stage One; Giant Tetrahedron

The processes were developed by our late founder, Nigel Frost during the mid 1980's whilst working as a Craft, Design & Technology teacher at Comberton Village College in Cambridge.


He deveoped these ideas to such an extent that he became the only none architect to hold the position of  Deputy Director Of Education at The Royal Institute of British Architects.  Nigel developed his ideas further at the RIBA and formed the Building Experiences Trust in 1989 with Lord Richard Rogers, and others in order for the workshops to reach more children.  The Architecture Workshops Association was founded in 1996 to reach out further afield as most of the Trust activities were held in and around London.


If you have expeienced a Giant Tetrahedron workshop, using dowel and rubber bands that was not deliverd by Architecture Workshops, you have been the unsuspecting party to a breach of our copyright.






Year 2; Massive Tetrahedron, 7m tall

The massive Tetrahedron Architecture Workshops build with Year 2 children is evidence of our knowledge of the materials and the techniques we have been utilising for 15years.  Nobody builds bigger or better than we do, because we created it!


We don't usually build the giant Tetrahedrons with pupils older than Key Stage 1, as our other workshops are more challenging for them, but sometimes, if there is time we get students to build the 7m high version, as a finale to another workshop.


Of course everyone asks how we get the top tetrahedron up there. Well you'll just have to get us into school to find out!

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