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  • Laura Wormald (Tuesday, April 25 17 06:03 pm BST)

    Thank you to Martin for such a wonderful day today. The boys loved their workshops and they learned so much. Please have a look on our school blogs to see photos from the sessions.

  • Mikala Horsman (Sunday, February 05 17 03:21 pm GMT)

    May I take this opportunity to thank you for the 4 wonderful sessions at Four Oaks. The children and staff had a great time building Viking Longships, Roman Villas and Greek temples. Bob has a wonderful way with the children. His patience, quiet and calm demeanour is guaranteed to get attention of everyone.

  • Amanda Metcalfe (Monday, June 13 16 01:09 pm BST)

    Hi Martin, Elaine and Bob,

    Thank you for such a great day. The children had so much fun.

    At the end of the day I got them to write a short sentence about the day. Here are some examples:

    "I thought today was excellent. I really liked making our own shelters the most. Thank you so much Bob."

    "I really liked making the shelters and I would recommend it to any child."

    "It was amazing. I learnt a lot today".

    "Today was amazing! It was such a great experience and I would do it again in a heart beat. Thank you so much Bob."

    As you can see the children have really enjoyed themselves with many describing it as the best day ever. It will really help them for their space project in a few weeks time.

    Thank you

    Amanda Metcalfe

  • Hannah Albery (Thursday, July 16 15 10:45 pm BST)

    Martin was very supportive and knowledgable leading up to our two day bespoke workshops. He worked excellently with the pupils and resources were well prepared and of high standard. The 40 Year 5’s
    were working on a project on designing a football stadium for the local football team and these workshops were integral to the project. The children also thoroughly enjoyed real life application of
    maths skills (working to scale etc). The children then exhibited their learning at the local football conferencing facility to members of the executive board and the public. As a result of the
    workshops the pupils could articulate amazing learning about how a stadium should be designed. Thoroughly recommended!

  • Kate Alija, Class Teacher (Sunday, December 14 14 07:52 pm GMT)

    I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Lisa to delivering an outstanding workshop to my Year 4s on the 1st December. They were engaged and inspired throughout and couldn't wait to look at all the
    pictures and share ideas. A fantastic time was had by all and it helped bring our learning about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings to life!

  • Anthony Comerford, Principal (Saturday, November 22 14 02:21 am GMT)

    This has been one of the most amazing workshops held at Brackenfield. To build a suspension bridge the length of our school hall out of sticks and elastic bands was astonishing. The children have
    learnt so much science and maths in making the 3D shapes and about the strength of triangles in construction. I’m sure they won’t forget this experience!

  • Vicki Bradley (Monday, October 13 14 09:04 am BST)

    Our Architecture Day was "Awesome!" in the children's words. We had a range of workshops all based on birds that went through from Nursery to Year 4. All of the children were thoroughly engaged
    throughout the workshops, no matter how old or young. We asked for as much cross-curricular maths as possible and that's exactly what er got. I can't recommend the event highly enough!

  • Louise Moscrop (Wednesday, July 09 14 10:40 am BST)

    Just a quick note to say we were all wowed by our two days of workshops at Portland Primary School. Can't believe how much the children learned. It was fun and very motivating. They were engaged all
    the way though, despite the heat of the day and that it is almost the end of term.Thanks to Bob who survived our noisy excitement! Thanks again.
    Louise Moscrop
    DT coordinator

  • Jayne Waxman (Saturday, June 28 14 11:15 pm BST)

    Dear Martin,

    I wanted to write and provide some feedback on the Architecture Workshop you provided for our school yesterday.

    We requested this for our Year 7 and 8 MAGT pupils as a means of offering enrichment and challenge. I wanted to let you know that they LOVED it! I thought it was a super day and was thrilled to see a
    group of 35 pupils pupils working so beautifully together. They collaborated and discussed and actually produced some fantastic resposes to the challenges set them.

    I wanted to make special reference to Rupal, who led the session. She was amazing! (I think the OFSTED term would be 'Outstanding in all areas'!) She is a natural teacher and really brought the best
    out of the group. She also pitched it perfectly, ensuring there were many links to Mathematics and Science and broadening the discussions out to discuss features of architectural landmarks. It
    stretched the most able, included all and ensured that everybody knew what they were doing had real applicabilty to thier curriculum and to their future. Brilliant!

    Overall, a great, great day. I will leave you with an actual quote from a Year 8 pupil, who was then backed up by a chorus line of 'Yeah Miss! Can we? Please?'... he said, 'Miss, this is awesome. Can
    we do this everyday?'

    I look forward to orgainising more events with you in the future,
    Kind regards,

    Jayne Waxman
    Year 7 Learning Manager
    KS3 MAGT Coordinator.
    Christ College Finchley

  • catherine sykes (Friday, March 28 14 11:56 am GMT)

    My daughter came home so excited to tell me about the Tetra workshop. Usually she says she can't remember what she did at school. She begged me to buy the sticks and rubber bands!

  • Gulnaz Akhtar (Tuesday, October 08 13 09:27 am BST)

    Thankyou very much Ben and Bob for providing our school with a fantastic day full of education and fun for both our year 9 and year 10 groups. All the staff and students at our school thoroughly
    enjoyed it. We hope hope to see you again.

  • Abi Torkington (Thursday, August 29 13 10:28 am BST)

    I am just emailing you to say a big thank you to Ben and your company for yesterday’s delivery. The workshop was great and the students got so much from it. I will definitely be recommending to use
    your services again in the future.

  • Angie Alloway Science manager Studfall School (Tuesday, May 07 13 10:13 am BST)

    Hi Elaine,

    I hope you are well ? We really loved the workshops you did this year , please can we book you for exactly the same again next year . The date I would like is Tuesday 18th March using the same format
    as this year if you can

    Kind regards

    Angie Alloway
    Science manager Studfall School

  • Mrs Rawlings (Tuesday, March 05 13 10:43 pm GMT)

    Humphry Davy School in Penzance, Cornwall had a terrific day of workshops, presented by Mr Ben Frost.
    The students were taken out of their normal classroom for functional skills, team building activities.

  • Gaynor Ford (Friday, January 11 13 06:58 pm GMT)

    The Reddings Primary School had a fabulous couple of days with Architecture Workshop led by Rupal Nathwani. Rupal did a fantastic job, great with the children and everyone had a brilliant time.
    Highly recommend.

  • Jenny Egner (Thursday, September 27 12 11:46 am BST)

    The workshop was teriffic. The students were engaged and the shapes they built were creative and sturdy.
    Rupal,the presenter was great with the students and kept them interested for the whole 90 minutes.The feedback from the students was very positive and many said it was the best part of the day.We
    would definately book them again.

  • Richard Nichols (Wednesday, September 12 12 04:40 pm BST)

    On Tuesday 15th of May, the Maths Department at Kings’ School, Winchester, hosted an architectural bridge making workshop for Year 7 pupils. The aim was to challenge pupils and allow them to devise
    creative solutions to practical problems, while applying some of the mathematical skills they have learned in class. The instructor led two sessions, teaching pupils the skills and techniques which
    would be later put to the test. Pupils were individually set the task of creating a triangular based pyramid as a small starter to the workshop. Having successfully completed the objective, pupils
    were divided into small groups and set to create a bridge using just thin sticks and rubber bands. “One of the most important parts to bridge building is ensuring that every square is triangulated to
    strengthen the structure and prevent it from collapsing,” explained one pupil, whilst another said, “I have had so much fun!”. Each group used a different aspect of bridges resulting in a huge
    variety of models, each with the same basic equipment. Overall, everyone had a great time and enjoyed the challenge, inspiring many pupils to consider architecture as a future career.

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