Build-It workshops

Christian Architecture:                            Ely Cathedral 120mins.

Max Pupils; 45

Pupils learn about European Christian Architecture in the middle ages through the construction of a classical structure representing Ely Cathedral in Cambridgeshire England. Pupils walk around their huge Cathedral and marvell at its Octagon “Lantern” centre whilst learning about its ancient history.


Egyptian: Pyramids (2hrs)

Max Pupils; 45

The Ancient Egyptians are explored through their Pyramid building feats and techniques for cutting and transporting the stone. Pupils build small and giant pyramids and discuss the comparison of mass construction of stone pyramids with framework structures of today.

Fairground Rides

Three of the most popular fairground rides are explored through our creative hands-on approach to building. Designed in response to a request from Coleridge Primary School, London where all 3 workshops where a fantastic success.

Helter Skelter 120mins.

Max Pupils; 45

These workshops always get pupils imagination pumpimg, whether a Ferris Wheel Helter Skelter or Roller Coaster

Ferris Wheel 120mins.

Max Pupils; 45, (works best with 30)





Roller Coaster 120mins

Max Pupils; 45

Geodesic Structures 60 - 120mins

Max Pupils; 30 - 45 respectively

Born in July 1895, Richard Buckminster Fuller was one of the world's first environmental activists. He came to the conclusion that humanity was using the Earth's resources faster than they were being replaced and coined the term 'ephemeralization', meaning to do more with less.


In this workshop pupils begin with building a large Tetrahedron, made from smaller tetrahedrons. This  intoduces the pupils to a 3d geometric shapes. Then the pupils make a series of penagons which are fixed together to form a dome. This is then repeated and the two doems are attached to form a complete sphere. If time allows an even large rdome is made that all the pupils can fit inside.

Greco-Roman: Temple 120mins

Max Pupils; 45

Pupils see how Classical Architecture has influenced the built environment using a combination of problem solving, and group work to construct a thrilling 2.5m high temple including columns, pediments and roof valleys. The workshop has either a Greek or Roman focus as required.

Hebrew Architecture:                          Temple Of Solomon 120mins.

Max Pupils; 45

A building of significance to the Hebrew faith and one described in ancient writings. Pupils can experience an introductory understanding of the Hebrew faith through the construction of “Solomon’s Temple”.

Mayan Temples 120mins

Max Pupils; 45

The Ancient Mayans are explored through their Temple building feats and techniques for cutting and transporting the stone.

Millennium Dome 120mins.

Max Pupils; 45

Deisgned to celebrate the new millennium, the Millennium Dome has become a treasured London Landmark and to think they were talking of pulling it down.


Pupils work individually in groups and altogether to construct a model large enough for the group to assemble within, demonstarting the amazing uniqueness of the suspension structure that make up the dome. The structure is held aloft by 4 hugh bananna truss masts towering 4m high




Millennium Bridges 120mins.

Max Pupils; 45

Deisgned in response to a request by The Millennium Bridge Commision in 2000 the workshop demonstrates the 'wobble' affect that caused the closure of the bridge soon after opening


Pupils work individually in groups and altogether to construct a model up to 12m long of this uniquest of suspension bridges. The structure is held aloft by 8 pupils holding nothing more than the string which represents the suspension cables strung alongside the bridge, rather than from above as with a traditional suspension bridge.



If time and numbers allow it is possible for pupils to build a model of The York Millennium Bridge, which is a more traditional form of suspension bridge to contrast the two styles, in terms of aesthetics and engineering.


Indian Architecture: Taj Mahal 120mins.

Max Pupils; 45

The Taj Mahal is leading example of Indian Architecture bringing together Mughal, Islamic and Hindu influences to celebrate the diversity of the Indian region of Agra.

Islamic Architecture:                                              Dome Of The Rock 120mins.

Max Pupils; 45

Using the Dome of Rock in Jerusalem as the key example of an Islamic place of worship. The Dome of Rock is the oldest surviving example of Islamic architecture still in use today

Saxon Roundhouse 120mins.

Max Pupils; 45

To fit in with the curriculum on Invaders and Settlers and complimenting our Viking Longship workshop and Roman Villa. Pupils build a structure large enough for them to all occupy

Stadium Structures 120mins.

Max Pupils; 45

Large Models Of Football Stadiuns Built By Pupils Based On Either Old Trafford Or The Emirates Stadium. Also The Olympic Stadium Rio, picture coming soon.

    Tetra 60mins.   

Max Pupils 30

Sierpinski Tetrahedron Building.

A simple but great workshop using small Tetrahedrons to build a 2.5m tall one.

Tudor Galleon 120mins

Max Pupils; 45

Pupils work individually, in groups and altogether pupils build the huge skeletal structure of a Tudor man-o-war.

Tudor: Globe Theatre 120mins

Max Pupils; 45

Pupils build structures individually and in groups, culminating with raising the roof of a giant model of London’s Globe Theatre standing 3 metres high. Pupils imagine a Tudor audience being entertained by Shakespearean special effects and considering the Tudor toilet facilities!

Victorian: Crystal Palace 120mins.

Max Pupils; 45

Learning about the mass production of the industrial revolution, pupil’s piece together building parts, they have previously made, to form one large single enclosure. Enacting a triumphal procession through the palace pupils imagine the Victorian wonders it would have held.

Viking: Longship 120mins.

Max Pupils; 45

Pupils work individually and in groups as Vikings together to construct a Long Boat up to 12m in length, complete with sail and oars. Large enough for the whole group to sit in, they imagine navigating a passage around the Arctic Circle to North America, as the Vikings did, some 500 years before Columbus.

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