Kre8 Workshops

Art & Sculpture 120mins.

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Through playful hands-on exercises, pupils explore movement, balance, and composition during in the sculpture making process. They consider and discuss details of selected artists work, learning to evaluate their work and appreciate the perceptions of others.

Bridges, Maths & Design 120mins.

Max pupils; 45 Yrs 5/6 & 30 Yrs 3/4

Pupils work individually creating tetrahedrons, which are used together with others to form a 2m long triangluar prism. this is in turn is strengthened to form a Warren truss. Pupils are introduced to different bridges forms, Beam, Cantilever, Bascule and Suspension (as below)

Demonstration of Suspension Bridge

In teams pupils then problem solve how to support the structure to form a Truss Bridge.

Local Bridge Workshop Competition, hosted by one of the competing schools

Habitat & Shelter 120mins.

Max pupils; 45 Yrs 5/6 & 30 Yrs 3/4

Pupils Explore the concept of habitats and are made aware of environmental requirements and personal space relating to their own homes through the design and construction of temporary shelters large enough for their team to sleep in their selected extreme environment:



Mega Maths Scructures 120mins.

Max pupils; 45 Yrs 5/6 & 30 Yrs 3/4

Developed to encourage pupils to pursue their own creativity and imagination. Pupils design and build large structures to a theme. The workshops conclude with self evaluation of the structures.               

Sense Of Place:

 Pupils interpret their local environment, either town or school. Best combined as part of a local investigation or design project.


 Pupils build to a pre-determined theme. Combine with own project for the wow factor e.g. Dinosaurs; Figures; Sea Life; Space; Transport;

Olympic Sculptures 120mins.

Max pupils; 45 Yrs 5/6 & 30 Yrs 3/4

Pupils are asked to design and build simple stylised sculptures which represent Olympic events as 3D iconography for the 2012 Olympic games. An understanding of the nature of abstract art is desirable.


Skyscrapers 120mins.

Max pupils; 45 Yrs 5/6 & 30 Yrs 3/4

Working in teams, pupils design and problem solve as they attempt to build the tallest and most interesting skyscraper structure they can achieve without it collapsing. Huge fun with a serious message; the tallest is not always the best and uniqueness is everything! Combine both to achieve success. A tall open space is essential.

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