Build-It Workshops

Structured workshops where the students create large scale reconstructions of iconic architectural landmarks under the guidance of the presenter. Uses Design Technology, Engineering, Maths & Science

Christian Architecture; Ely Cathedral

Max 35 students 120mins.

Pupils learn about European Christian Architecture in the middle ages through the construction of a classical structure representing Ely Cathedral and its Octagon "Lantern" centre whilst learning about its ancient history.

Geodesic Structures

Max 25 students (90 mins) 35 students (120 mins)

Born in July 1895, Richard Buckminster Fuller was one of the world's first environmental activists. He came to the conclusion that humanity was using the Earth's resources faster than they were being replaced and coined the term 'ephemeralization', meaning to do more with less.

The use geometric shapes are explored and the ideas of Buckminster Fuller introduced in this exploratory workshop. Students are introduced to the possibilities of constructing geodesic domes for habitation and thereby questioning our reliance on traditional materials

Greco-Roman Temple

Max 25 students (90 mins) 35 students (120 mins)

Pupils see how Classical Architecture has influenced the built environment using a combination of problem solving, and group work to construct a thrilling 2.5m high temple including columns,pediments and roof valleys. The workshop has either a Greek or Roman focus as required.


King Solomons Temple

Max 25 students (90 mins) 35 students (120 mins)

Pupils experience an introductory understanding of the Hebrew faith through the construction of the temple, which is significance to the Hebrew faith, and described in many ancient texts.

Indian Architecture: Taj Mahal

Max 25 students (90 mins) 35 students (120 mins)

The Taj Mahal is 'The' exemplar of Indian Architecture bringing together Mughal, Islamic and Hindu influences to celebrate the diversity of the Indian region of Agra. It is a Mausoleum, built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his favourite wife, Mumtaz.


Islamic Architecture: Dome Of The Rock

Max 25 students (90 mins) 35 students (120 mins)

Using the Dome of Rock in Jerusalem as the key example of an Islamic place of worship.

The Dome of Rock is the oldest surviving example of Islamic architecture still in use today

Millennium Bridges

Max 25 students (90 mins) 35 students (120 mins)

The London and York Millennium bridges are compared side-by-side in the workshop. Students construct models of the both bridges, exploring the differences and similarities between the two types of suspension bridge.

Millennium Dome

Max 25 students (90 mins) 35 students (120 mins)

The workshop helps to inform students about the application of the principles of tension and compression, predominately associated with suspension bridges, in the giant cable and mast structure. In groups, students construct individual parts, bringing them together to create 3m tall pylons, which hold up the skeletal structure of the finished dome<< New text box >>


Max 35 students 60 or 120mins.

Students expeience the strength and possibilties of triangles in this 60 minute workshop.

Working together students build Octrahedrons from triangles, which they fix together to build towers



Max 35 students 60 or 120mins.

Designed to fit the average school lesson period of 50 minutes. Can be run in classroom with 30 students.Students work individually and in groups to quickly build a 2.5m high Tetrahedron just using sticks, rubber bands and cooperation. In 120mins the larger 8m version is built.

Tudor Globe Theatre

Max 25 students (90 mins) 35 students (120 mins)

Students work individually in teams and altogether to produce the 3m high 4m wide Globe Theatre Structure demonstarting the Tudor art of using Triangulation to construct building only using timber.

Victorian Crystal Palace

Max 25 students (90 mins) 35 students (120 mins)

Students work individually in teams and altogether to pruduce a 3m high 12m long axial structure that represents the central spine of the Crystal Palace

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