Kre8 Workshops

Workshops Focus on Investigation, Disassembly & Evaluation as Design & Make Acivities.

Using All STEM Subjects These Workshops are Designed to Stimulate Student’s Creativity and Imaginations

Art & Sculpture

Max 35 students (120 mins)

Students examine and discuss detailed examples of modernist abstract painting, specifically the analysis of the paintings composition, structure and narrative. Students explore sculpture making through movement, balance, and composition to create three dimensional structural interpretations of one of the abstract paintings. They consider and discuss their finished sculptures, learning to evaluate their work and the perception of others.


Bridges, Maths & Design

Max 25 students (90mins) 35 students (120 mins.)

Our most popular Secondary School workshop. The importance of triangulation is explored through the behaviour of beam, cantilever, suspension and bascule bridge types, as well as being pivotal in the design of many other structures using simple framework technology

Mathematical Sculptures / Structures

Max 25 students (90mins) 35 students (120 mins.)

Developed to encourage pupils to pursue their own creativity and imagination. Pupils design and build large structures to a theme. The workshops conclude with self evaluation of the structures.

Sense Of Place:

Pupils interpret their local environment, either town or school. Best combined as part of a local investigation or design project.


Pupils build to a pre-determined theme. Combine with own project for the wow factor e.g. Dinosaurs; Figures; Sea Life; Space; Transport;

Ancient Weapons Of War: Trebuchet




Mathematical Shelters

Max 25 students (90mins) 35 students (120 mins.)

Students explore the notion of shelter and our requirements for the habitats we live in through the design and construction of a temporary shelter, in one of 3 extreme environments. They are made aware of environmental requirements regarding sustainable development and personal space, as the shelters must be large enough for their team to theoretically sleep in.

Mathematical Skyscrapers

Max 25 students (90mins) 35 students (120 mins.)

Students attempt to design and build the tallest and most interesting skyscraper structure they can achieve without it collapsing. Huge fun with a serious message; the tallest is not always the best and uniqueness is everything! Combine both to achieve success. A tall open space is essential and can be built outside, weather permitting.

Olympic Sculptures

Max 25 students (90mins) 35 students (120 mins.)

Students are asked to design and build simple stylised sculptures which represent Olympic events as 3D iconography for the 2012 Olympic games. Working quickly to stylise the image of a participating athlete, in an affective pose. An understanding of the nature of abstract art is desirable.

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