Key Stage One Workshops

Designed to stimulate imaginations and excite children and teachers alike, these workshops focus on simple ideas to great effect. Using numbers, counting, shapes and space pupil’s work together to build simple modular forms. The ideas found in this workshop are developed throughout our repertoire of workshops, from KS 1 & 2 right up to KS 3,4 & 5. 


Workshops need to take place in the school dining hall, gym or sports hall.  All the structure are dismantled as part of the workshop experience, so we are able to be out of dining halls in time for the catering staff to put out tables, which if necessary we will assist with.


Photographs are permitted of the workshops, so please ensure batteries in your cameras are fully charged. Video recording of the workshops is prohibited, as the processes of the workshops are covered by our copyright. Thank you.


Max 30 Pupils 60mins.

The workshop starts with pupils watching the animateur build a pyramid using simple materials and techniques. They engage the children by interaction, getting them to assist in the building process.

Key elements; DT, listening, cooperation and teamwork, problem solving, 2d &3d shapes.

Working in a pairs or small groups, pupils replicate the pyramid making, using  simple 2d and 3d shapes to build triangular based pyramids (terahedron).

These simple modular forms are connected together in small groups, to form larger structures, which in turn are connected together, culminating is one huge tetrahedron 4m high that the whole class can get inside.

Huge Tetrahedron with Year 1 pupils


When working with Year 2 pupils we can extend the workshop to 2hrs and weather permitting build a 7m tall Tetrahedron outside, the like of which you will have never seen before, let alone the children.

Yr 2; Mega Tetrahedron (requires a 2hr workshop)

The Birdhouse / Octas

Max 30 pupils 60mins 

Reading from the Birdhouse storybook, with the animateur, the children answer questions about the bird in the story.  The children observe and describe the shapes, and number of them, in the book which they will be using to build with afterwards. 


Key elements; reading, listening, cooperation and teamwork, 2d &3d shapes.hapes.

Making The First Triangle



Then working together they make a series of triangles which are the fixed together to build structures to make different types of dwelling, which the children identify.

Fixing Triangles Together


The finale of the workshop is putting as many structures together to make a birdhouse tower, as high as possible. The children delight in seeing their work reaching the ceiling of their school hall.........and seeing it topple over in order that they can dismantle it.

Birdhouses joined to form terrace

Bridge Building

Max 30 Pupils 120mins

An adapted version of our most popular workshop, Bridges Maths and Design for older Key Stage 1 and younger Key Stage 2 pupils. Pupils work individually, in small groups to build sections of a bridge up to 12m long.

Key elements; DT, maths, listening, problem solving, teamwork, cooperation, imagination





Then working together pupils problem solve how to make it stand.

Revoe School Blackpool

Habitat & Shelters

Max 30 pupils 120mins.

Key elements; DT, maths, listening, problem solving, teamwork, cooperation, imagination

An adapted version of our KS 2 workshop, of the same name for older Key Stage 1 and younger Key Stage 2 pupils in the Autumn Term.


Pupils work individually and in small groups under the direction of our presenter to build a shelter for one of three different extreme environment; Arctic; Desert an dRainforest whenre they learn how each has its own particula r requirements.


Mega Structures

Max 30 pupils 120mins.

Bespoke worksops for Key Stage One


An opportunity  for younger pupils to develop their creativity and teamwork and for teachers to make their current topic come to life. 


Pupils work individually and in small groups with constant guidance from our presenter to build structures related to the chosen theme.


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