My First Structure

30 min
8 Nursery Pupils (30mins) 15 Reception Pupils (45mins)
Key Elements: 
Design technology
Fine & Gross Motor Skills
Listening Skills
Problem solving
Teamwork & Cooperation
About the Workshop

Designed to stimulate imaginations and excite children and teachers alike, the workshop focus is on simple ideas to great effect. Using numbers, counting, shapes and space pupil’s work together to build simple modular forms. The ideas found in this workshop are developed throughout our repetoire of workshops, from KS 1 & 2 right up to KS 3,4 & 5. 

The workshop starts with pupils watching the animateur build a pyramid using simple materials and techniques. We engage the children by interaction, getting them to assist in the building process. Working in a pairs or small groups, pupils replicate the pyramid making, using simple 2d and 3d shapes to build triangular based pyramids (tetrahedron). These are in turn connected together to make a larger versions of the same. The finale is for the children to occupy the pyramid, which makes for a great class photograph.

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